The Road Less Traveled!

Is this the road less traveled?  Have you traveled on some of these roads?  Why not try some of them on your next trip?  You might find you will like what you find at the end of the road.

One of the things I love to do when traveling is to search for this type of road.  You might ask, how do I find them?  My answer to you is, I have many ways of searching and numerous contacts for bringing them to light.

Searching for these roads is actually part of the fun.  This is where you will get some great information about little known places and some great surprises.  The Internet is a great place to search for some of these roads and talking to locals is another.  The locals may also provide a real eye opener about their favorite off the beaten path places.  You will probably get some great stories about these roads and the sites along the way.  I am always looking for interesting stories from the locals as this adds to the flavor of the trail.

Wherever you travel, you’ll find interesting roads and trails.  This road wanders across the Acoma Pueblo in western New Mexico and travels through some beautiful country.  I found the locals have interesting stories that go back to the Coronado Expedition through this area in 1540 looking for the seven cities of Cibola.

Always stop at the visitor centers as well as local cafes, service stations and quick markets and strike up a conversation with the local folks. You will pickup some great history, folklore and stories about the area you are visiting.  I am fond of stopping at all the little towns or villages on my off the beaten path trek to get more information. Sometimes it has been a casual conversation at a cafe.  This has served me well over the years and I have found little gems to explore.

On a trip last week to New Mexico we found a route we had not traveled in years.  On this route, there were numerous surprises and plenty of new sights to see.  We found a new place to eat, many new roads and some new hikes and great photograph opportunities.  A town we remembered as only a wide spot in the road the last time we came this way, is now a good  sized village.  A road we remembered as only a trail, is now a major highway, and we found many new restaurants, shops and areas of interest.

On another trip recently, I found an ancient ruin I did not know existed.  By asking local people about local sites, hikes, places of interest, I found this little know ancient site.  What a treat for me!

On a hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, I found a partially excavated mine shaft I did not know existed.  I also found the remains of an old mining road and parts of some old mining equipment.

On a hike in the Grand Canyon off of the Grandview Trail, I also found the remains of an old mine shaft and mining equipment relics.  On another hike off of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon I have found evidence of ancient Anasazi ruins.

By asking locals, I found an ancient pueblo style ruin on a mesa top a short distance off an Interstate freeway only about 25 miles north of Phoenix.  To get to the top of the mesa required driving on a four-wheel drive road plus a fairly strenuous hike uphill, however, the view of the Agua Fria River and Bradshaw Mountains from the top of the mesa was spectacular.  My motto is always ask and explore the unknown.

Remember: Somewhere on your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view. The best journeys are not always in straight lines.  Travel, explore, enjoy the view and expand your knowledge.

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