The View? It’s Awesome!

How would you like this view from your hotel room?  What a way to start your day with this in your window upon opening your curtains.  Well there is a new kid on the block!  This new kid joined our hospitality family the beginning of December, 2008.  I was privileged to be given a tour of this new hotel by the general manager, Randy Wolfe,  the week it opened and I am still amazed at how this new kid is growing into our family and becoming a contender for the travelers to the area.  If you are not familiar with the Mittens or Merrick Butte, I am talking about Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  This is the crown jewel of the Navajo Nation’s tourist attractions and a must for visitors from all over the world.  This new property is called The View, and it definitely has the view!

Over the years I have visited Monument Valley Tribal Park hundreds of times and always am amazed at the beauty, the awesome expanse of the land, and of course the people.  I’ve always thought that the point where the visitors center and campground are located would be a great place for a hotel.  Well my idea was realized by some forward thinking people in conjunction with the Navajo Nation.  The Ortega family of Gallup, New Mexico, a family with ties to this beautiful country for many generations, along with the Navajo tribe and park put together a property that blends in with the

surroundings, does not take away from this setting, and adds to this area.  The View is not only architecturally blended into the land, it was built to current day eco standards as I am told.  The View is designed with respect for the sacred setting in which it is located.  “Green” building standards and environmentally friendly operating procedures are the hallmark of the View Hotel, Restaurant and Trading Post.

The View has 96 rooms and they all face the Valley each with their own balcony to enjoy the view.  The restaurant, with its floor to ceiling windows, faces the Valley and serves a mix of traditional Navajo as well as regular fare.

Randy Wolfe, the general manager of the View, gave my wife and I a tour the first week of December as the workmen were putting finishing touches on the rooms, the fixtures, the artwork and the restaurant, which was not open at that time.  The attention to detail in everything from the bedding to the fixtures in the bathroom bespoke of keeping the Navajo way preserved and yet opting for a hotel that will appeal to all.

The next time I am traveling through this area, I will definitely stay at the View for the view and the amenities.

During your stay, make sure you really immerse youself in Monument Valley and the Navajo ways by taking a Navajo guided jeep tour into the Valley itself. You really have not experienced Monument Vally until you have learned about the Navajo people from one of these guides.  If you are lucky you will visit a traditional Hogan and learn about the beautiful Navajo rugs first hand from one of the weavers.

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